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Climate Framework

MPS Together

A framework for positively shifting our MPS climate

Minneapolis Public Schools aims to be a place where our students, families, staff and community feel and experience a sense of belonging, safety, wellness and respect. 

MPS Together features four climate values:


Derek Francis
Executive Director
Equity and School Climate
With questions about our policies or regarding a disciplinary incident relating to your student, email us at

Equity, Representation & Anti-Racism

Being valued and respected for who you are and showing others that you value and respect them

Being welcomed, honored, and celebrated in all of our spaces

Acknowledging, challenging, and interrupting biases

Celebrating and accepting the cultural diversity and talents of all of our students, families, and staff

Physical and Emotional Safety & Wellbeing

Supporting physical, social, and emotional, wellbeing
Meeting the needs of each individual, family, and community
Nurturing students’ strengths and interests as they come
Being a place of joy that welcomes and supports growth and learning
Practicing different ways of healing and restoring relationships

Relationships, Trust & Communication

Building positive relationships between students, families, and staff
Creating conditions for students, families, and staff to speak up when they feel wronged and ensuring that they’re heard and are part of a process of reconciliation and repair
Providing multiple avenues for transparent communication

Shared Decision Making & Voice

Creating spaces for students, families, and staff to feel heard and understood without judgement

Involving historically marginalized and underrepresented students, families, and staff in decisions that impact them

Climate Values in Action