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An update on MPS district budget work

An update on MPS district budget work

The schools budget subcommittee is developing recommendations for predictable staffing and budget allocations. Predictable staffing is the process MPS uses to plan for staffing needs for schools based on enrollment data. The goal of the schools subcommittee is to maximize services to students while minimizing disruptions to programming.

The departments budget subcommittee will be meeting with over 50 departments over the next two weeks to discuss how the department’s work aligns to the strategic plan, how we can create efficiencies across the system and how we can close the budget gap. The departments budget subcommittee will present recommendations to Superintendent Sayles-Adams and the Budget Alignment Committee when presentations are completed.

Finally, the contracts budget subcommittee is meeting with each cabinet member to review all contracts their department(s) hold(s) this current year and which they recommend continuing into the 24-25 budget year. The committee is looking for potential reductions and eliminations which will be brought back to cabinet and department leaders for further discussion.