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MPS Shines: December Winners

MPS Shines: December Winners

Each month of the school year, MPS will highlight staff members who have been nominated by their colleagues for a job well done. The nominations can come from anyone about any staff member, and the winners are determined by a random drawing.

One winner from each of these work categories will be picked each month:

  • Central Office and Support staff 
  • Teachers
  • Principals
  • ESPs
  • School staff

Prizes: MPS Shines coffee mug and a visit from Interim Superintendent Rochelle Cox.

Quianna Young
Food Service Assistant, North Star

"I am nominating Quianna Young, Food Service Assistant, @ Mona Moede Early Learning Center for her exceptional ability to connect with students and their important adults though the experience of sharing food together.  

Quianna not only knows every student by name, she also knows their likes, dislikes, special interests and personalities.  She gives each student individualized and special attention as they come through her line. Always cognizant of each child's developmental needs she differentiates her service to meet them where they are in their journey to independence in the lunch line.

The joy and welcoming spirit that Quianna shares with families when they join their children for a meal is the essence of what our district is working to achieve:  A warm and welcome environment where everyone feels that they belong & are celebrated for the individuals that they are!" - Elizabeth Fields

Bill Olson
Teacher, Minneapolis Academy & Career Center (MACC)

“Bill (Mr. O) is able to connect with the student's at MACC and create positive relationships, which translate to success in the classroom. Math can be an intimidating subject for many, but Bill is able to adapt to student's needs and teach in a way that engages and motivates.” - Chris Hubbard

Sarah Ribnick
Special Education Assistant, Armatage Elementary School

“Sarah goes above and beyond for both the students she works with and her fellow staff and teachers she supports. She treats each of our students with integrity, looks out for their best interests, and seeks to foster a relationship with each. Sarah is solution-orientated, observant, and follows through on tasks to keep things operating smoothly. Her value as a member of the Armatage community is evident every morning by the queue of kiddos waiting to get a hug or high-five from Ms. Sarah.” - Molly Bartzen

Jessica Busse
Assistant Principal, Southwest High School

“Does the job of 7 people. Does it well.” - Teresa Rumppe

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