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MPS Shines: November Winners

MPS Shines: November Winners

Each month of the school year, MPS will highlight staff members who have been nominated by their colleagues for a job well done. The nominations can come from anyone about any staff member, and the winners are determined by a random drawing.

One winner from each of these work categories will be picked each month:

  • Central Office and Support staff 
  • Teachers
  • Principals
  • ESPs
  • School staff

Prizes: MPS Shines coffee mug and a visit from Interim Superintendent Rochelle Cox.

Iftu Hunte
ECE Program Coordinator

“Iftu is fantastic at her job. But beyond that, she is constantly positive, eager to jump in whenever and wherever needed, and a problem solver. Our department is better because of Iftu's expertise and dedication to her colleagues and the children and families of MPS. “ - Stacey Joyner

Sean Baldwin
Northeast Middle School Teacher

“Mr. Baldwin teaches 8th grade ELA at Northeast Middle School.  He plays guitar at his door during passing time to provide music for all, and to welcome those coming into his room.   He is grounded in values while also reaching his students through topics they love and through humor they can appreciate.  Throughout my years at Northeast as an SLP I have pushed into his classroom at various times to serve various students on my caseload, and I get to experience the magic that happens in his room.  Couldn't be prouder to work with people like Mr. Baldwin in my building.” - Betsy Martinez

Andy Suman
Special Education Assistant, Transition Plus

“Andy has been an instrumental part of our student successes at Transition Plus since he began working as a Special Education assistant in our classrooms with the greatest student supports. Andy approaches each student with a dignity and respect for them as individuals, seeking to understand the ways they physically and emotionally communicate when verbal speaking is not their centered communication method. Andy's sensitivity to specific students not only anticipates their needs, but his respectful approaches create spaces and accessibility for students to communicate their needs and express themselves in effective ways with the people around them and in the environments they walk. Students respond to Andy, seeking him out as a safe person with whom they can be seen and heard. Andy exemplifies the student-centered approaches that makes Transition Plus such a strong school for our oldest learners. We are so fortunate to have Andy as one of our greatest classroom supports!” - Christina Brantner

Mark Heymans
Counselor, Roosevelt High School

“Mark is a long-time school counselor at Roosevelt High School.  I have only just started at Roosevelt but I can already see how his calm and caring spirit contributes to the culture of the school.  Mark sees the best in students and continually finds ways to support them and their families.” - Stephanie Bender

Kristiana Ward
Lake Nokomis Keewaydin Principal

“After overcoming a serious health condition/illness over the summer, she's juggled a million moving parts with organization and dedication and our school's running great. But more than that, she still has time for the kids, and I've seen her personally work the lunchroom, walk and talk in the hallways, or even sit with a kid having a bad day out in the courtyard. She stays late to set up book fairs, she helps the teachers get their ducks in a row. Overall a very impressive mix of admin and hands-on, rubrics and warmth.” - Mike Hudy

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