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Every student achieves their full potential through equal access to programming that is academically rigorous and connects learning with students’ experiences.

Goal Strategies

  1. Provide standards-based core instruction with a focus on literacy and mathematics.
  2. Ensure all curriculum and instructional practices are anti-racist and sustain the cultures, languages, and experiences of our students.
  3. Ensure all community schools provide access to STEM, music, art, language, and, for high schools, ethnic studies and college credit courses.
  4. Implement Professional Learning Communities to ensure all students’ needs are met through a system of academic support and intervention.
  5. Provide magnet school pathways that offer innovative thematic instruction and integrated learning opportunities.

*The bolded strategies have been prioritized by the MPS School Board. While the district is working on implementing all of the strategies, a select few have been deemed a priority. These prioritized strategies will be highlighted during School Board meetings and the Strategic Plan team will provide more frequent progress updates during the course of the Strategic Plan.

Prioritized Strategies Update