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School and district staff approach all work centered on students and equity

Goal Strategies

  1. Strengthen pathways and reduce barriers for talented and diverse MPS employees and potential employees to become teachers.
  2. Maintain Teacher Equity plan focused on staffing needs of MPS’ 15 highest need schools
  3. Deepen strategic recruitment of high quality, diverse teachers and staff
  4. Pursue negotiations strategies that address contractual barriers to the equitable distribution and the recruitment, hiring, and retention of high-quality, diverse teachers and staff 
  5. Pursue authentic engagement with MPS parents around the design and implementation of equitable HR policies and practices

*The bolded strategy has been prioritized by the MPS School Board. While the distrct is working on implementing all of the stratetgies, a select few have been deemed a priority. These prioritized stategies will be highlighted during School Board meetings and the Strategic Plan team will provide more frequent progress updates during the course of the Strategic Plan.

Prioritized Strategy Progress Update (Dec 2023)

two teachers doing a lesson with students
Strategy 3.3: Deepen strategic recruitment of high quality, diverse teachers and staff

Ongoing Work

  • Negotiations with ESP union to ensure salaries are competitive and that the infrastructure exists within MPS to ensure that staff are treated as education professionals 

Upcoming Work

  • MPS Academy (MPS-A) launching first cohort in spring 2024 which will provide an in-house, tuition-free MPS path to special education licensure 
  • Develop Teacher Apprenticeship program in partnership with higher education partners to submit our application to the State in December 2023