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Arif Altaf

Business Teacher
Arif is the Career and Technical Education/International Baccalaureate Business teacher at Edison High School. He began his teaching career with an opportunity to teach courses in business as an adjunct faculty at the Minneapolis Community Technical College. After retiring from a hospital management position, he was fortunate enough to take on a full-time assignment with Southwest High School where he continued to teach Business.
He was excited to share his experience with bright and demanding students, however his role as a teacher came with a great responsibility for their growth as opposed to the doctors and nurses he was so used to. Working at the hospital was easy, but leading a class discussion on personal finance, business ethics, globalization, and continuous quality improvement required a very different mindset and approach. Nevertheless, he was up for the challenge. He found he loved teaching and deeply appreciates the privilege of hearing his students' dreams, hopes, and fears.

At this stage of his career, he feels fortunate to have this opportunity for continued growth and reflection. He considers himself to be a lifelong learner who is following his passion with outstanding leadership and support from Principal Michael Luseni as well as the dedicated administrative staff.