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Gabriel Pass

Robotics/Drones Technology Teacher

Gabriel Pass is the instructor for the Aviation Robotics program.  He ardently pursues the technological development of one of our world’s most rapidly emerging industries.  Gabriel is a licensed commercial drone pilot, and robotics/drone technology enthusiast. 

Other subject areas he has taught include Science and all areas of media production.  Outside of his work for MPS, Gabriel has been a Video Production Specialist and AV Systems Consultant for over 20 years.  His experience has contributed to the development of a number of local television and radio stations that serve diverse communities in Minneapolis. 

Outside of work, Gabriel spends time with his family.  He has a wife and two daughters, all of whom share his enthusiasm for technology, art, and design.  His oldest daughter is an architect and the younger is a videographer and photographer.  Together with his younger daughter, Gabriel mentors a local drone racing and flying group, whose events the public is welcome to attend.