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Sara Etzel


Over the course of my educational career, I have played an integral role leading a systems-change effort to strengthen STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education and Career & Technical education across Minnesota.

I have lead innovative teams of educators who design educational experiences and influenced policy that provides students with the academic foundation and experiential learning opportunities necessary to succeed in a wide range of disciplines; expanding access to Career & Technical Education, co-curricular STEM experiences, career exploration opportunities that align with Minnesota’s “world’s best workforce” legislation, and student workforce readiness through the development and launch of a STEM Career Readiness Certificate Program.

Prior to my administrative role with MPS I was a middle school technology education teacher in West St. Paul, and a robotics coach, and aviation/engineering/work-based learning teacher at Washburn HIgh School.

When not working, I enjoy traveling to visit family and friends on both the East and West coast.

sara etzel