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E-Learning Days

Updated Sept. 1, 2023

For the 2023-24 school year, e-learning will only be used on inclement weather days for schools (and some grade levels at certain schools) at risk of falling below state-required instructional hours if school is canceled due to weather. 

  • Schools that won’t be short on instructional hours if they close (all elementary schools and some high schools) will be closed on inclement weather days and will not be moving to e-learning. If we have many snow days and fall below the state requirements for instructional hours, it is possible that even these schools may need to move to e-learning.
  • Other schools (all middle schools including those at K-8’s and some high schools) will have e-learning days so that they can meet state requirements for instructional hours. 

The State of Minnesota has approved up to five “e-learning days” for school districts annually.

Schools listed below will move to e-learning during a severe weather day: