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Early Childhood Screening

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Early Childhood Screening is a process that supports children being ready for kindergarten. The program helps find possible health or developmental concerns that may impact a child's learning. The process includes a check of vision and hearing, child development and a review of the child's health. The program helps families access services for their children that will help them to be ready for kindergarten.

Required for entrance in Minnesota's public schools

Minneapolis Public Schools recommends that children be screened at age 3. State law requires all children to be screened before entering kindergarten.

Three reasons to screen at age 3

  1. Screening can help your child be ready for school.
  2. Any health or developmental concerns can be found earlier and resources provided sooner.
  3. Because screening is free, it's easy and it's good for your child!
young boy sitting on a chair smiling at a handheld, portable, vision screener.
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young boy smiling with two set of 6 blocks pyramids in front of him.
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young boy with black shirt wearing audiometer headphone.

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Español: 612-668-3715
Soomaali: 612-668-4122
Afaan Oromo: 612-668-3719

Two Locations:

Wilder Complex
3345 Chicago Ave. S. (Door 24)
Minneapolis, MN 55407
Davis Center
Wednesdays Only
1250 W. Broadway Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55411

Call 612-668-3715 if you need help with transportation to your screening appointment.                                                          

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