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Why Choose GEMS & GISE?


Melinda Stapley
Program Coordinator, GEMS/GISE/STEM

Chrisie Jennings
Project Coordinator, Extended Learning

1250 W. Broadway Ave. 
Minneapolis, MN 55411

Fax: 612-668-5305

GEMS/GISE (Girls in Engineering, Math and Science/Guys in Science and Engineering) STEM Academy helps students uncover the wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in a six-week, all-day program.

Students participate in project-based and problem-based learning, using a hands-on and minds-on approach that integrates the skills of reading and math. Knowledgeable staff help immerse students in high-interest and rigorous STEM experiences designed to provide relevant, real-world connections and career explorations. Students have the option of participating in GEMS, GISE or combined groups. Students entering grades K-8 are eligible to participate.

Example courses for different grades include:

  • Amazing Structures: Buildings and Bridges (1-3)
  • STEM in the Gym (1-3)
  • Biomedical Investigations (4-5)
  • Roller Coaster Science (4-5)

Example courses for different grades can found in the GEMS-GISE STEM Academy links below:

Middle School (Grades 6-8)



American Indian STEAM Experience

American Indian STEAM Experience enhances students’ knowledge of the unique heritage of American Indian Nations found in Minnesota. This course emphasizes Indigenous ways of knowing and learning in the past and present while also exploring American Indian contributions to science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. Topics include: Ojibwe and Dakota language and vocabulary; culture-based stories and oral histories; Indigenous star knowledge; methods for keeping count; traditional and contemporary art; and various engineering and design activities. This course is not for the entire day and provides the students an opportunity to participate in other GEMS & GISE offerings.  This course is offered at Anishinabe/Sullivan only.

Integrated Hmong Culture Course

This course emphasizes on Less Commonly Taught Languages- Hmong in embracing self-identity, self-acceptance, and building emotional strength (topics are Cultural Communication, Cultural Competency, Connections, Language Insight, and Communities) with integrated skills in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.  This course is offered at Hmong International only.

Somali Culture Course

This course immerses students in Somali culture through language, social traditions, literature, the arts, STEM and games.  This culturally immersive experience will provide an opportunity for students to gain a deeper understanding of Somali culture and the ongoing contributions of Somali people and community.  This course is offered at Anishinabe/Sullivan only. 

Information and Registration

Aftercare Options aftercare options for students entering Gr K-7.  Click on image below for more information.


Community Education and the YMCA Beacons programs also offer an aftercare option at certain Summer Scholars locations.  Visit their website for more information.

LOCATION:  Northeast Middle School Gr 6-8



LOCATIONS:  Sullivan Gr 1-8 and Hmong Int'l Gr 1-5

There will be no incoming kinder extended day option.

SULLIVAN EXTENDED DAY IS FULL!  A waiting list has been started and you will be notified if an opening becomes available.  Thank you.