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American Indian Education


The Department of American Indian Education supports and strengthens educational outcomes for American Indian students by promoting culturally responsive instruction, family and student engagement and partnerships with MPS departments, schools and the broader community.

Our vision: American Indian students are empowered to reach their full potential through educational experiences that value their cultural identities.

American Indian Education Services

  • Support for Instruction
    We work with teachers and schools to help them become more familiar with the best ways for American Indian students to learn. We do this through professional development opportunities for teachers, but also through one-to-one relationships. We also develop culturally relevant and engaging curriculum and materials for use in schools.
  • Support for Family Involvement
    We provide resources and support for opportunities throughout the year, like Connecting Parents to Educational Opportunities, parent trainings and parent circles.
  • College Readiness
    Our counselors work with American Indian students on college planning steps, personal awareness and academic preparedness. They do this by meeting with students in groups and individually, facilitating college field trips and assisting with financial aid and tribal enrollment processes. 
  • Advocacy for Families
    If an American Indian student is experiencing a problem at their school, Indian Education will work to help resolve the issue.