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College Readiness

One of the best predictors of college success is doing well in rigorous/challenging courses in high school, but American Indian students often face other obstacles to their educational success. Our students are twice as likely to drop out of high school compared to many of their peers, less likely to take advanced courses in high school and less than half as likely as their peers to complete a college Bachelor’s degree. 

Our often negative history with education poses challenges to us in getting involved in our children’s education and encouraging them to persist in education. When education in the old boarding school system focused on assimilation and cultural genocide it left generations mistrusting formalized education. In recent times, our families have had more ways to get involved, promote and shape the education our children receive. To feel comfortable getting more involved, we need more information on what our students need to be prepared. 

In addition to the resources that MPS schools and the American Indian Education program offer to our families, here are additional resources that you can use in planning for college:

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