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Public Hearings & Memorandum of Agreement

In 2006, the American Indian community entered into a historic Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Minneapolis Public Schools.

The MOA document outlines our goal to dramatically improve academic achievement and graduation rates of American Indian students.

A renewed MOA was approved in 2012, strengthening our community partnerships, strategies, and accountability.

The MOA established Indigenous best practices sites characterized by the integration of cultural relevance with academic rigor.

Anishinabe AcademySouth High All NationsAIOIC Takoda Prep and Nawayee Center School are currently identified as best practice sites in the MOA. 

The two named pathway middle schools in the MOA include Sanford and Northeast.

Frequently Asked Questions about the MOA

  • What is the MOA?
  • What does the MOA hope to achieve?
  • What an MOA with MPS school board?
  • Who has been involved in its development?
  • What was the process to develop the MOA? When did this happen?
  • What are the essential understandings behind the MOA?
  • What are the major components?
  • How does this differ from Anishinabe Academy?
  • How can I become involved?

MPS State of Indian Education: Title VI Public Hearing & MOA Updates

2024 MPS American Indian Education: Annual Public Hearing - Tuesday, June 4th
Please click HERE for more information

October 12, 2020 Public Hearing

April 11, 2023 Public Hearing



Past MOA's

2016 MOA