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Special Education Process

My student is still having difficulty. What's next? Unless a disability is clearly suspected, a special education evaluation will be implemented when students exhibit little to no progress in an area of concern, even after receiving interventions.

Early Intervention Process (birth to three) Early Intervention (EI) is a Minneapolis Public Schools program for families with children ages birth to three years old. Early Intervention (0-3) provides support and instruction for young children at risk of having developmental delays or children identified with developmental delays or with a disability. Children and their families can receive services in their homes or childcare settings. Referrals can be made through Minnesota Help Me Grow or by calling 612-668-3715.

Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) An IFSP is a document that includes information about your child, including a summary of their development in each area of development, goals you have for your child and family, and services provided to you and your child. Once your child's IFSP is written, you must sign the consent to begin services.

The Special Education Process