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Flyer Distribution

MPS allows community organizations to share flyers with families in paper and/or electronic format.  All flyers from non-school organizations must be approved and must meet the requirements outlined in the Flyer Distribution Policy.

Important Requirements:

  • MPS can only share flyers for events, services or notices of meetings that are: related to healthy youth development; youth engagement or education; community services available to parents and families;special events related to family engagement in school or civic matters; or public meetings related to family engagement in school or civic matters.
  • Flyers may not be more than one page, double sided printed
  • All flyers for events not co-sponsored by MPS must contain the following disclaimer on the front side of the page: The Minneapolis Public Schools is legally unable to and cannot sponsor, endorse or recommend the activities announced by this flyer
  • If there is a fee for your program/activity, the program description and flyer must state that no person will be refused because of inability to pay.  Your organization must have a process in place to waive fees completely (partial scholarships are not sufficient).


  • Email your flyer to
  • Indicate if you plan to drop paper flyers off at schools or if you would like schools to distribute electronic flyers.  Be sure to indicate which schools you would like to receive the electronic flyer.
  • Allow 2 weeks for MPS staff to review and approve the flyer.  You will be notified via email once it is approved.


  • Electronic flyers: MPS External Relations staff will share your approved electronic flyer with the schools that you request.  Schools will share the program information with families as they see fit, likely as part of a newsletter or other update.  We cannot guarantee each school will share electronic flyers with families.  Flyers must be ADA compliant.
  • Paper flyers:  Distributed in k-5 schools only.  You may drop off paper flyers (in bundles of 30 per classroom) at schools.  Please include one copy of your flyer approval letter.  You can contact the school for a count of classrooms.
  • MPS reserves the right to change the flyer distribution process throughout school year if learning format changes due to COVID-19.   Please be patient with schools – learning and academics remain our primary focus.

Questions?  contact

PDF Flyer Distribution FAQs