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Prospective Partners

Process to Become a Certified Community Partner

If you hope to provide collaborative programming to MPS students on MPS property during or after school, please read and complete the Prospective Partner process below.  If you simply want to share your external programs and services with MPS students and families, please visit the flyer distribution page.

  1. Read and understand the MPS Community Partner Expectations
  2. Confirm whether or not your agency is already a Certified Community Partner​. If you are already on the Certified Community Partner list, you may work directly with a school/department on a contract.
  3. If you are not a Certified Community Partner, please complete the Prospective Partner Inquiry Form. MPS External Relations staff will follow-up with you within 1 week for next steps which may include:
    • request for additional information
    • insurance verification
    • vendor registration
    • curriculum vetting (for any programs taking place during the school day)
    • approval of data needs
    • approval of consent forms
  4.  Once partner certification is complete, sign contract(s) for each type of program provided 

Who does not need to go through the Community Partnership certification process: