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Family Resource Center

The Family Resource Center provides school-based resources and social services for families and students at Minneapolis Public Schools.

The Family Resource Center is available to families by appointments and by walk-ins.

We partner with community agencies and public institutions to provide comprehensive school-based, social, emotional and physical health services and learning opportunities for families and students.

Intake Procedure

  1. Complete the contact forms and turn them in to a family resource assistant/community liaison.
  2. If there is not a family resource assistant/community liaison at your school building, contact forms can be faxed to 612.668.4290.

Health Related Services

  • Assistance applying for medical assistance and emergency medical assistance.
  • Assistance applying for assured access and other sliding fee programs.
  • Help with eye glasses vouchers.
  • Help navigating the medical system for assessments and chronic disease care.
  • Help getting needed immunization and physicals.

Mental Health Services

  • Help connect families with community based mental health providers.
  • Build collaborations to bring community providers into school buildings for group and individual mental health services.
  • Help families navigate medical systems for assessments.
  • On-site mental health clinic run by Mental Health Collective

Community Resources

  • Connect families with basic need resources including: housing, furniture, household items, food, clothes, etc.
  • Connect families with job search tutorials, after-school education programs, community-based tutoring programs, school registration and summer programs, etc.


Thaddeus Lesiak
Fax: 612-668-4290