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Athletics Department


The MPS Athletics Department offers 34 high school programs for students
in grades 7-12 and 6 middle school programs for students in grades 6-8.

MPS Sports Offered

Mission and Role of Athletics Department

Athletics Mission Statement

To excel in creating excellent athletic opportunities for students.

Role of Athletics in Education

Athletics in Minneapolis Public Schools are an integral part of the educational experience. They create an opportunity for the development of skills and values not found in the regular curriculum. 


Participation in athletics will...

  • improve athletic knowledge and motor skills necessary for success.
  • help students learn self-discipline and build self-confidence.
  • foster the development of skills needed to work collaboratively with others for a common goal.
  • help students gain a better understanding of the diverse world in which we live and the unique cultural differences of its population.
  • help students learn how to relate and respond to situations and individuals from a variety of backgrounds.
  • teach students to appreciate the benefits of hard work, motivation and perseverance in both victory and defeat.
  • allow students to spend quality out-of-school time with supportive, mentoring adults.
  • help students develop habits for a lifetime of physical activity, good health and wellness.

Minneapolis Public Schools concentrates its athletic resources on MPS students and,
as required by law, registered homeschool students who reside in MPS attendance areas. Minneapolis Public Schools does not enter into any new joint agreements or cooperative sponsorships with schools not affiliated with MPS. 

Fan Expectations

  • Show respect for everyone. 
  • Positive cheers should be used. No booing, taunting, etc.
  • All fans MUST stay off the playing surface at all times.
  • No items should be thrown in the stands or on the playing surface.  


 Antony M. Fisher, CMAA
 District Director of Athletics 

 Brett McNeal, CMAA
 Assistant District Director of Athletics
 Adapted Athletics, Hockey, Lacrosse,   and Transportation Budgeting

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