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Nutrition Information

Nutrition Information and Allergens

  • Minneapolis Public Schools nutrition information is based on data from manufacturers, USDA and other established databases.
  • Nutrition and ingredient information is calculated from standard product formulations and standardized recipes created by MPS Culinary & Wellness Services.
  • All nutrition information is collected and managed within USDA approved nutrition software LINQ Connect.
  • Menu variation may occur due to supplier’s substitutions, ingredient substitutions or manufacturer formulation changes. Published information will be corrected in advance when possible.

LINQ Connect provides detailed menu information including nutrition facts and allergens.

Create an account linked to your child(ren)’s school(s) or follow these steps to see school menus without an account:

  1. Start typing "Minneapolis" in the search field under the "Check District Menus" section.
  2. Choose "Minneapolis Public School District" from the list.
  3. You may then choose your school from the list that appears under the "Building" filter near the top.

Menu questions or comments can be sent to

Special Dietary Needs