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We create recipes that are tasty and rooted in our community. We push the entire school food system to adopt our high standards for ingredients. We also support our regional food system, community, and environment by consciously seeking sustainable food sources, investing in small and local farms, and purchasing from local businesses.

Questions about Farm to School? 
Kirsten Bansen Weigle
Farm to School Coordinator

Questions about ingredient standards and nutrition education? 
Ashley Nitzkorski, RDN

Minnesota Thursdays

Serving up Minnesota’s finest every month!

On Minnesota Thursdays, we set the table with a delicious, locally sourced meal. Minnesota Thursdays feature unique and emerging food makers plus the best of our locally sourced, seasonal produce and proteins raised sustainably in our region.

Minnesota Thursday April 2024

April 2024: What is Kernza®?

Kernza® is the name for a new perennial grain (intermediate wheatgrass) whose deep roots sequester carbon and reduce pollution in ground water.  Kernza® grains have a sweet, nutty flavor and can be utilized as a whole grain food, or ground into flour which can be baked into bread, cereal, and crackers.  

Why did the University of Minnesota develop Kernza®?

The University of Minnesota's Forever Green project is working to develop more than a dozen perennial and winter-hardy annual crops. Their goal? To identify new win-win-win crops that will be profitable for farmers, benefit soil and water quality, and yield delicious and nutrition food for people.  

Stories/Blog Posts on Kernza®

Why Minnesota Thursday?

  • Minnesota Thursdays celebrate the diverse and vibrant culinary traditions of MPS families.
  • MPS purchases foods from dozens of local farms and food makers to create MN Thursday menus.
  • Minnesota Thursday meals seek to build strength in our local and regional food systems through local purchasing. They also allow us opportunities to try new recipes, expand variety, and invite our whole community to the table to share a meal together.

Check our monthly menus to see this month's #MNThurs!

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