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Labor Negotiations

Our Commitment

The individuals at the bargaining table represent our students first, our families and our broader community. It is our commitment to approach the bargaining table in service to our shared Minneapolis Public Schools values which include:

  • Equity, Representation & Anti-Racism - The team representing the central office will include diverse individuals who filter proposals through an equity lens.
  • Physical and Emotional Safety & Wellbeing - The team will access resources from EAP, the Office of the Ombudsperson and our mental health services team to address the wellbeing of all MPS employees during the bargaining process. This also includes attempting to develop a shared plan for addressing changes in public health guidance and inclement weather protocols.
  • Relationships, Trust & Communication - Every single employee of Minneapolis Public Schools plays an important part in realizing our mission of providing a high quality, anti-racist, culturally responsive education for every Minneapolis student. At the core of this work are the collegial relationships that we nurture. Trust is required to create safe and brave spaces on behalf of our students. Transparent and open lines of communication are required to move toward the vision that we share in which all students--regardless of their background, zip code, and personal needs-- will receive an anti-racist, holistic education that builds essential knowledge to prepare students for future success.
  • Shared Decision-Making & Voice - At the heart of the bargaining process is shared-decision making and voice. Our intention is to create space for a variety of voices and lived experiences to be shared leading to creative and innovative problem solving. The best path forward is the path we walk together.
  • Transparency & Accountability - As we make decisions about our collective bargaining agreements, we plan to do so in an open and transparent manner. As a public institution, this transparency is required by law. We are also all accountable to the students that we serve as they are the most impacted by all decisions that are made. It is our hope to live-stream the bargaining sessions in the spirit of transparency.
  • Evidence-Based Strategies - We will do our due-diligence to review proposals rigorously, and to ensure that we have a clear evaluation plan or strategy for any new or innovative approaches that we take.

Our Approach

  • Maintaining a deep focus on students and student learning.
  • Recognizing the needs of and work to elevate our lowest-compensated employees.
  • Communicating accurate information openly and transparently. This page will provide ongoing and regular updates about negotiations.
  • Learning union priorities and identifying areas of common interest and opportunities to build and sustain lasting partnerships.
  • Establishing and maintaining financial expenditure parameters that support Minneapolis Public Schools’s financial solvency and that align to the strategic plan.
  • Preparing and planning for timely negotiations so that all employees are working under a current contract.