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Update: Jan. 5, 2024, at 5 p.m.

This week’s session with ESPs included 10 proposals (Union Proposals 5 - 14). Here is a brief overview of all of the proposals shared: 

  1. Union Proposal #5: Adjusting district contributions to group insurance benefits based on annual income tiers with the district covering up to 100% of costs for ESPs earning up to $50,000. 

  2. Union Proposal #6: Recommends some changes to job titles and group membership. This would include eliminating Group D. 

  3. Union Proposal #7: Adjusting the ESP workweek to 37.5 hours or more per week. ESPs who want to work less hours would need an opt-out option. 

  4. Union Proposal #8: Adjusting vacation accrual to include an additional 18.5 vacation days. 

  5. Union Proposal #9: Recommends adding language to include hours worked over the summer will accrue sick and vacation leave benefits. 

  6. Union Proposal #10: Advocates for one additional floating holiday each calendar year. 

  7. Union Proposal #11: Adds compensation for 4 hours of pay at their hourly rate if the district fails to provide a forecast letter before the last duty day. 

  8. Union Proposal #12: This proposal speaks to Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) specific language in the contract. It suggests removing the 23 hour cap on EA employees to accommodate more hours and also removes the seniority order language.

  9. Union Proposal #13: Adds language for an opt-in provision for third-party behavioral engagement platforms connected to the district’s healthcare plans and that the standard co-pay for all employees be set regardless of participation in third-party behavioral engagement platforms. 

  10. Union Proposal #14: Adds language that the district’s health insurance copays not exceed the hourly rate of an employee enrolled in Group C - Step 1. 

Given the financial reality of MPS at this time, the district is interested in hearing about the priorities related to the 14 proposals given so far. Unless such priorities are shared, everything is being considered equally and we want to be sure that we are prioritizing the proposals that will be the most impactful to members.

Additionally, we have to consider how proposals impact the other 16 collective bargaining groups, especially those with costs associated. MFT - ESPs shared that they have passed the majority of their financial proposals with additional proposals being shared via email next week.

Our next session will be Jan. 18, 2024, although the union is amenable to rescheduling if we can receive their entire package proposal, so that MPS can give the union a comprehensive response. 

Watch the recording of the Jan. 3 session and access the handouts.