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MPS Response to March 7 MFT Press Conference

MPS Response to March 7 MFT Press Conference

MFT hosted a press conference on March 7, 2024. Below is the MPS response to that press conference:

Minneapolis Public Schools is facing the largest budget gap we have ever seen, at least $110 million which does not include forthcoming contract settlements with seven collective bargaining units. It is unreasonable for MFT to ask MPS to prioritize teacher salaries and reduced workload without recognizing the reductions and adjustments that are necessary to fulfill those priorities.

The Association of Metropolitan School Districts (AMSD) estimates that 70% of their member districts (including MPS) are facing budget gaps next year, primarily due to the end of federal COVID-19 funds and increasing expenses. While we are trying to minimize the impact of these cuts on students, the impact of these reductions will be felt across our system. Expenses including transportation, utilities and special education are increasing, and there are restricted funds and legal requirements that limit what we can do financially.

Our proposed budget allocations for next school year take into account some recommendations from MFT including reducing district-level expenses and reducing contracted services. In the 2022-23 budget year, 60.7% of our funds were spent on instruction, with an additional 12.6% spent on instructional and pupil support services.

We invite the community to watch the recordings of negotiations on our website, to read our FAQs and to review our budget webpage.