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Update: Dec. 1, 2023

Update: Dec. 1, 2023

Last night’s session included Adult Education proposals and an initial salary proposal for birth - 22 teachers. MFT recommends moving away from the term “Adult Basic Education” due to the negative connotation of the word “basic” and proposes we use adult education instead.  

  • The proposal presentation starts with an overview about Adult Education which highlights the professional credentials of our Adult Education educators, a description of the students served which includes more than 2,500 students representing 76 countries and 48 languages. Our Adult Education programming is facilitated through our Community Education department. 
  • Proposal 1 focuses on instructional delivery. The proposal shared several perceived challenges with the “hyflex instruction” model where teachers provide instruction to students learning in-person and online at the same time, as well as strategies believed to help mitigate those challenges. 
  • Proposal 2 focuses on expanding stipends for educators in the adult education program.
  • Proposal 3 includes increases in hourly rate, increased preparation time and capping the number of instructional hours for hourly staff. 
  • Proposal 4 focuses on aligning the adult education pay schedule with the birth-22 teachers experience. 

Highlights of the salary proposal include the following: 

  • an 8.5% general increase to the salary schedule for year 1
  • a 7.5% increase to the salary schedule for year 2
  • Reducing the teacher duty year from 196 paid duty days to 186 days, while maintaining current annual salary (with new teachers having 188 paid duty days for new teacher orientation) 
  • Hourly rate increases for both the staff development rate and stipends, leadership rate, hourly flat rate and “additional hourly rate.” 
  • An increase in the district’s contribution toward family health plan coverage from $5,650 to $8,000 
  • Access slide decks and handouts 

After both presentations, MPS was able to ask follow-up clarifying questions. The session ended with a discussion about the agenda for the next session on Dec. 14. The agenda tentatively includes the following: 

  • an MPS proposal for operationalizing a shortened duty year, 
  • an MPS response to the majority of the workload proposals,
  • additional workload proposals from MFT, 
  • an MFT proposal related to anti-bias/anti-racist work, 
  • an MFT proposal related to class size/case loads.

There may be another bargaining session on Dec. 18. This will be confirmed next week.