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Update: Feb. 26, 2024

Update: Feb. 26, 2024

MPS shared the following: 

  • A summary of proposals to date including the proposal to reduce the school year by three days. 
  • A proposal to move teachers from the Teacher Health Insurance Plan to the Enhanced Health Insurance Plan. 
  • A salary proposal to include a 3% increase in year 1 and 2% increase in year 2. 

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MFT shared the following: 

  • Declined District Proposal Twenty-One regarding teacher Reassignment. Under this proposal new language would be added to Article 15 which would allow teachers to be reassigned in order to balance out the distribution of experienced to inexperienced teachers. The goal of this provision is to prioritize resources and actions to significantly improve the experiences and outcomes of Black students, Indigenous students and students of color. 

MPS invited MFT to share a proposal including a recommended budget for next year and a proposal to address staffing challenges at racially identifiable schools. 

Our first mediation meeting is scheduled for Feb. 29. It is our hope that we can recommit to our norms and values as we work toward a contract that recognizes the increased cost of living while also being mindful of our responsibility to be good stewards of our limited resources on behalf of students and families.