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Update: Feb. 9 at 2:30 p.m.

Update: Feb. 9 at 2:30 p.m.

MPS passed 20 proposals to MFT at the Feb. 8 session focused primarily on language clean-up, current and forthcoming statutory requirements that are not aligned to current contract language, and adding gender inclusive language. Handouts with the proposed changes will be available next week. Proposals include the following: 

  1. District Proposal Two - Use of Time for Professional Development: MPS proposes striking the language in Article 2.1 because the information listed is either a managerial right or it is represented elsewhere in the contract. 

  2. District Proposal Three - Teacher Record Keeping: MPS proposes allowing first year teachers to join their colleagues in having the ability to work remotely on teleworking days. Contract language currently requires first-year teachers to be on site. 

  3. District Proposal Four - Professional Preparation Time: MPS proposes removing the word “Chief” as we no longer use it in our job titles out of respect for our Indigenous communities. We also want to recognize schools that are on block schedules.

  4. District Proposal Five - Mileage and Parking: MPS proposes updating and streamlining language relative to mileage reimbursement as an opportunity to reduce administrative time and costs. 

  5. District Proposal Six - Expectations for Attendance at Professional Meetings: MPS proposes striking this language as much of the information lives in Article 1.2, so we want to reduce redundancies to avoid confusion. 

  6. District Proposal Seven - Kindergarten Conferences: MPS proposes removing this language as Kindergarten teachers follow the district conference schedules. 

  7. District Proposal Eight - Notice of Separation: MPS proposes adding June 30 as the deadline for teachers to provide notice of separation for the upcoming year. This allows MPS to better plan for operational needs at school sites. 

  8. District Proposal Nine - Personnel Files: MPS proposes updated language regarding how teachers access information in their personnel files. This is another opportunity to reduce administrative costs. 

  9. District Proposal Ten - Appendix E - Reserve Teachers: This proposal reduces administrative costs by eliminating the District Reserve Teacher Task Force which has not met for four years and removing language around school supports for reserve teachers. While many of the things expressed here are mutually agreed, the information is either in other sections or not necessary in the contract. 

  10. District Proposal Eleven - Critical Illness and Death: MPS acknowledges how sensitive this topic is, but it must be addressed given its inclusion in the contract. This proposal adds more gender inclusive language and provides more clarity around use. 

  11. District Proposal Twelve - Sick Leave Pool: MPS proposes language clean-up and additional clarification language to make it easier for members and administrators to understand. 

  12. District Proposal Thirteen - Personal Leaves without Pay: Proposed language clarifies the process and adds increased flexibility to adjust discretionary leaves in order to minimize impact to instruction . 

  13. District Proposal Fourteen - Leaves for Probationary Teachers: MPS proposes removing this language, as it is redundant. 

  14. District Proposal Fifteen - Extended Leaves: MPS recommends removing this language as all provisions exist elsewhere in the contract. 

  15. District Proposal Sixteen - Sick Leave: MFT perceives this proposal to be a response to MFT’s workload proposal and MPS agrees. Additionally, we do not have any teachers on a 12-month contract and there is language elsewhere in the contract regarding sick leave accrual for teachers who work extended time. 

  16. District Proposal Seventeen - Extended Leaves, Medical and Pregnancy and Parenting Leave: MPS recommends updating this language to reflect the Minnesota Pregnancy and Parental Leave Act and the Family Medical Leave Act. Additionally, this proposal seeks to incorporate anticipated changes to FMLA which are expected to go into effect on July 1, 2026. 

  17. District Proposal Eighteen - Peace Corp/Visa and Organizational Service Leaves: MPS proposes capping the number of staff who participate in these opportunities. It also proposes removing the language related to charter school leaves. 

  18. District Proposal Nineteen - Study Leaves and Sabbaticals: MPS proposes adjusting contract language in order to reduce administrative costs and to move the application filing date to Feb. 1. 

  19. District Proposal Twenty - Job Share: MPS proposes removing this to be in alignment with other bargaining groups. The proposed language helps to reduce administrative costs. 

  20. District Proposal Twenty-One - Equitable Access to Teachers: MPS proposes adding new language to Article 15 which would allow teachers to be reassigned in order to balance out the distribution of experienced to inexperienced teachers. The goal of this provision is to prioritize resources and actions to significantly improve the experiences and outcomes of Black students, indigenous students and students of color. See 1:10 for the presentation and discussion between MFT and MPS on this topic. 

  21. District Proposal Twenty-Two - Technology: MPS recommends removing much of this language in order to reduce the administrative costs. 

Finally, MPS presented a draft Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) in order to extend the partnership with Black Men Teach to continue to prioritize recruiting and retaining teachers of color via the Black Men Teach fellowship program. 

In addition to what was shared at the Feb. 8 session, we’d also like to reshare District Proposal One and our Adult Education Counterproposal. We are committed to negotiating a contract with MFT that recognizes the increased cost of living, while also being mindful of our responsibility to be good stewards of our limited resources. We encourage our community to watch forthcoming board meetings and to check this page for information and updates. With questions, please email