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Update: Jan. 31, 2024

Update: Jan. 31, 2024

The focus of the Jan. 25, 2024 session was MPS’s counterproposal to the union’s Adult Education proposal. 

  • MFT is interested in having adult educators be compensated at the same rate as Birth - 22 educators which would require MPS to reduce the amount of funding available for Birth-22 educators. Any subsidy of Adult Education with those funds could potentially endanger our Adult Education programming, given our fiscal reality and MPS’ statutory obligation to serve Birth - 22 students.  
  • MFT requested a counter to their salary proposal. MPS again reiterated that in addition to preparing for a new Superintendent and they are currently negotiating with 7 different collective bargaining groups, we are also facing at least a $90 million dollar deficit and are currently in the midst of the budget process for next year - determining where said reductions shall be made. It’s imperative that we model out the tangible impact of any potential increases, in order to ensure that any proposed contract changes do not have any unintended impact on students, while also endeavoring to provide MFT with a meaningful counterproposal. 
  • Watch the recording of the Jan. 25 session and access the handouts.

We had a subcommittee workgroup on Jan. 25, 2024 where MFT asked questions, and shared comments and concerns on the District’s proposed revision to the student calendar, as well as asking additional questions about the District’s Article 15 proposal. This session was not live streamed. 

During the Jan. 11, 2024 session MFT members asked clarifying questions about the District’s counterproposal to MFT’s ‘Sustainable Workload’ proposal and the District’s Article 15 - Transfer, Reassignment, and Recall proposal. Some of the highlights included: 

  • A discussion around MPS’s proposal to standardize the length of the student day District-wide and shorten the school year. MPS shared that this proposal would eliminate inequitable disparities in instructional minutes across secondary sites and allow the District to move all secondary schools to a 7 period day, which would increase access to programs like CTE, IB, and AVID. Additionally, it would give secondary teachers a second daily preparation period. 
  • A discussion about Article 15 - Transfer, Reassignment, and Recall. MPS is interested in rewriting this article to use plain language in order to make the 300+ page contract easier for administrators to follow and for MFT members to better understand their rights. Plain language is important for equity and accountability. Additionally, the proposed language changes would allow MPS to move up their hiring timeline, positioning them to be better able to recruit external top talent.
  • MPS shared that they would like to operationalize some proposals for the 2024-25 school year, including standardizing the student day and shortening the school year, but due to the need for the Board to vote to approve the change, and the time needed to operationalize those changes, the District and MFT would need to reach agreement on this item by the end of February.
  • Watch the recording of the Jan. 11 session