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Update: Nov. 10, 2023

Update: Nov. 10, 2023

This summary includes timestamps for where you can watch the recording to see more information. 

Last night’s session included revisiting the conversation about norms, with MPS presenting a counterproposal (see 6:00 - 16:49). MFT shared a presentation which advocated for using general fund money while MPS restructures spending, reducing costs on district administration and reprioritizing purchased service spending (including transportation) in order to fund the MFT contract. 

The MPS team asked clarifying questions about the presentation. The MPS team offered to have a sidebar conversation with the MFT team to discuss the budget in order to provide more clarity and to ensure that the MFT team has what they need as they are preparing proposals. (see 19:20 - 48:22 and 1:16:12 - 1:17:26). 

After a caucus, MFT presented their first proposal focusing on workload. It included a proposal focusing on Article 2 of the MFT contract “Teacher Assignments and Schedules.” There was a focused conversation on “2.5: Length of the School Year”, with a proposal to reduce the number of teacher duty days from 196 to 186. Both MPS and MFT shared feedback about the length of the school year being too long. MPS highlighted feedback from families that our  school year goes too far into June. MFT shared that the longer school year is impacting staff retention. (see 1:17:33 -  1:37:10). 

The remainder of the meeting focused on setting the agenda for the next session. MPS “costs the contract” collectively based on the entirety of the proposals. MFT would like to present adult education proposals and discuss salary at the next session (Nov. 30). The agenda for the next session will include revisiting norms, discussing adult basic education and salary. (see 1:37:19 - 1:43:45).