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Teacher Relicensure

MPS License Renewal Process

The State of Minnesota’s license renewal process involves three (3) key steps: 

  1. Assemble copies of your recorded and approved clock hours (transcripts, “Certificate of Completion"), earned since your last license renewal (5 years).
  2. A packet of those approved clock hours is submitted to a district review committee for approval.
  3. Once approved by a district, payment must be made to PELSB to complete license renewal process (license is considered renewed once payment has been received and verified by PELSB). Note: People who receive the approval email need to wait until after January 1 of the year that your license expires to pay license renewal.

Due to the volume of applicants, Minneapolis Public Schools will not be able to return relicensure materials. If you need to retain materials, please make copies before submitting them to the relicensure committee.

Relicensure Information

Minneapolis Relicensure Committee