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The Office of the Ombudsperson works with families, community members, staff and MPS to clarify and resolve questions and address concerns in an impartial and timely manner.

We are an objective third party whose goal is to work with those who have a problem within MPS to find a solution. We listen and gather information on complaints or concerns within the organization. We can assist families, staff, community members and MPS stakeholders who have questions, concerns or complaints against MPS schools, programs, offices or staff. 

The services of the ombudsperson are free.  

The ombudsperson can assist if you...

  • Cannot get a response from a teacher, principal, or an employee of MPS
  • Strongly disagree with a decision—such as grades, discipline or policies—made by a teacher, principal or employee 
  • Have requests for information that go unanswered 
  • Cannot get a fair resolution to your problem
  • Do not know who else to turn to for answers or help

We can make suggestions for solutions to concerns but they cannot discipline in any manner, nor can we enforce the outcome of concern brought to our attention.


Families, Community Members, & MPS Stakeholders

Mitchell Roldan 
Director, Office of the Ombudsperson

Shantel Shorter

MPS Staff

Jenny Yang Director, Office of the Ombudsperson

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