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December 2023: 

    • Rebates
    • Closeout submittals from Shaw Lundquist
    • Final payment

October 2023: 

  • CLOSE OUT PENDING FINAL PAYMENT.  Final Update, no more requests.

September 2023: 

  • Final walk through and 11 Month warranty walk through completed on 30Aug23. 
  • Minor issues for Shaw Lundquist to correct.
  • Project in Closeout/Warranty at this point w/ ACTION for Shaw Lundquist.
  • Re-Training for AV PENDING.
  • Shaw should be complete and closed out by end of September.

August 2023: 

  • Designer:  WOLD  Contractor:  Shaw Lundquist
  • Project In Punchlist/Closeout/Warranty
  • Addressing outstanding Punchlist & Warranty items
  • Awaiting Contractor Closeout items.
  • Expect full contract closeout by beginning of school.

June 2023: 

  • Project in punchlist/closeout.
  • Performance (Theater) is being used by Bethune
  • Expect closeout final payment in late June 2023

April 2023: 98% complete.  All supply chain items have been delivered.  Theatrical Sub., completing AV & Lighting controls.  Once complete, Wold/APF will Commission Performance.  Then final clean and it will be turned over to the school.  Expected turnover date – 1st week in May.

March 2023: There are no updates at this time.

February 2023: We are accepting a Value Engineering (VE) solution such that the performance addition will be complete and ready for use in early April.

January 2023: 

  • Majority of Performance Center Construction is complete.
  • Supply Chain Delays:
    • Cisco Network Switch (Specified)
      • MPS IT Dept., has a switch that can used in the interim until the switch arrives
    • Crestron Processor – Expected Delivery Aug 23
      • AV System
      • Theatrical Lighting System
  • Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
    • Sometime in April or May 2023