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Anthony Middle School



Anthony Middle School is scheduled to undergo a significant renovation and is outlined below. To receive periodic updates on project milestones and other news, please sign up to receive e-alerts or use the bell icon next to Project Updates to subscribe.

5757 Irving Ave. S

Scope of Work

Anthony Community Middle School Safe and Welcoming Entrance project.

Construct an enclosed stair tower addition to the main South entrance at Irving Avenue and integrate a Safe and Welcoming entrance.  The existing entry vestibule and retaining wall will be removed for construction of the new stair tower.  The project will include new stairs between the lower parking lot and the upper South entrance,  constructing a solid partition wall to replace the folding partition wall in the auxiliary gym, and a sink in classroom 014.  Project alternates - converting the former wood shop into a classroom space, and a digital monument sign. 

The project construction will be phased.  Phase I: construct tower foundation and new stair tower, minor construction in main office, new concrete stairs from lower parking up to Irving Avenue, upper sidewalk reconstruction by the main entrance, landscaping, auxiliary gym partition wall, sink added to classroom 014, alternate to convert the wood shop into a classroom, and alternate for the digital monument sign.  Phase II:  Removal of the existing interior South stairwell, integrate the new Safe and Welcoming Entrance into existing  main office, and a new office conference room.

Project Updates

April- No new updates.

March- No new updates.

February- No new updates.

January- No new updates.

December 2023:

    1. Phase 1 of construction – construction of the stair tower addition, is wrapping up for this construction season.  The stair tower will remain fenced and not accessible until completion of construction during summer break 2024.
    2. Phase 2 construction to resume summer break 2024.
      1. The existing south stairwell in the school will be removed.
      2. Landings at each floor level, of the old stairway, will be filled in with a floor at each level.
      3. Access to the new stair tower will be created at the second and third floor levels.
      4. New safe and welcoming visitor entrance/sign-in will be constructed at level 1.
      5. New conference room and assistant principal office to be constructed.

November 2023: 

    1. Stair tower addition - Interior/exterior doors are being installed.
    2. Exterior siding is complete.
    3. Landscaping in process.
    4. Windows have been installed.
    5. Drywall taping and interior painting in process.

October 2023: 

  1. Concrete stairs and landings have been installed.
  2. Installation continues on exterior siding.
  3. Work on the stair addition includes: fabrication and installation of handrails, rough-in for electrical, fire protection, mechanical, and electrical.
  4. Window installation in process.
  5. Interior framing and drywall under way.

September 2023: 

  1. Roofing is installed on the addition.
  2. Interior concrete floors are installed at each level of the stair tower addition.
  3. Digital monument sign installed and operational.
  4. Exterior weather proofing, insulation, and flashing in process. 
  5. Sinks are installed in classroom 014 and 001.
  6. Partition wall completed in the auxiliary gym. 

Construction on the addition will soon continue with installation of the interior stairs, siding, windows, electrical, and mechanical systems.

August 2023: 

  1. Construction of CMU block walls complete.
  2. Roofing, interior stair structures, masonry work, windows, mechanical/electrical/ & plumbing rough-ins begin mid-August.
  3. Underground electrical and data to be installed for the new digital monument sign.  Sign scheduled for installation end of August.
  4. Other work inside Anthony includes:
    1. Hand sink installation in classroom 014
    2. Hand sink and deep well sink installation in classroom 001
    3. Solid partition construction in the auxiliary gym to replace the folding divider wall.


July 2023: Footings and foundation have been installed. CMU concrete block work will begin soon to construct the stair tower addition.

June 2023: Construction has begun

May 2023: Currently there are no updates for project

April 2023: 

  1. City Land Use Authorization Meeting May 2023
  2. Site prep early June 2023
  3. Construction commences  June 16, 2023

Summer 2023: Phase II Construction

Contact Us

Don Bielinski, Jr., Project Manager

Phone: 612-668-0700



Project Schedule*

Design: To be completed December 2021
Bid Opening: January 2022
MPS Board Approval: March 29, 2022
Construction Start: Spring/Summer 2022
Substantial Completion: Phase I Substantial Completion November 2022, Phase II Substantial Completion August 2023

Architect: TKDA

General Contractor: Stahl Construction


Project Photos and Resources

Anthony Middle School