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Barton Chiller Replacement Project

Barton Elementary School is scheduled to undergo a significant renovation and is outlined below.  To receive periodic updates on project milestones and other news, please sign up to receive e-alerts.

4237 Colfax Ave. S

Scope of Work

  • Phase 1: Replace existing chiller unit that has reached end of service life.  Winter 2024
  • Phase 2: Reroof portion of the roof deck at chiller location.  Summer 2024

Project Updates

June- No new updates.


Reroof the deck surface where the new chiller was installed.


No new updates.


Chiller has been installed.

Chiller electrical work is in process.

Chiller piping connections are in process.

Factory chiller start-up scheduled week of April 1st – 5th.


Electrical prep work continues for the new chiller.

New chiller scheduled to be placed on Barton roof – March 1, 2024

New chiller start-up April 1st – 5th, 2024

Reroof deck at the chiller location – summer break 2024


Over winter break, the old chiller was removed from the roof of the school, and the new chiller platform was constructed on the roof.  Select mechanical and electrical demolition was performed in preparation for the new chiller.

Electrical and mechanical work, for the new chiller, will continue through January and February.

Crane new chiller to Barton roof – tentative for March 1, 2024

Factory start-up for new chiller – spring break

December 2023: 

    1. Pre-construction meeting was held end of November with AVM Construction.
    2. Construction planning in process to commence construction during winter break.

November 2023: 

    1. General Contractor: AVM Construction
    2. Chiller construction to commence Winter Break through March 2024.
    3. Replacement of roofing at chiller location scheduled for summer break 2024.

October 2023: 

  1. Contract for chiller replacement tracking for the November MPS Board Consent Agenda.

September 2023: 

  1. Construction documents are published and the project is advertised for bidding.
  2. Pre-bid meeting scheduled for September 14, 2023
  3. Bids opened October 5, 2023
  4. November 14, 2023 for MPS Board Approval
  5. Phase 1: Chiller replacement – winter 2023/2024
  6. Phase 2: Replace section of roofing at chiller elevation summer 2024

August 2023: 

New chiller has been ordered and scheduled for delivery January 2024

Contact Us

Don Bielinski, Jr., Project Manager

Phone: 612-668-0700



Project Schedule*

Design Contract Approval: May 2023

Design: Summer 2023

Pre-Construction: Winter 2024

Construction:  Phase 1: Replace chiller - Winter 2024 - Phase 2: Roofing - Summer Break

General Contractor: TBD

Architect:  WOLD

Completion: Phase 1: March 2024  Phase 2: Summer 2024