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Dowling Elementary School Electrical Switchgear Renewal Projects

Dowling Elementary School is scheduled to undergo a significant renovation and is outlined below. To receive periodic updates on project milestones and other news, please sign up to receive e-alerts.

3900 W River Pkwy.

Scope of Work

Upgrade and update electrical switchgear that has reached end of service life.

Project Updates

June- No new updates.


Electrical equipment order has arrived.

Installation of new electrical gear – July 2024


No updates


No updates

December 2023:

    1. NAC Mechanical & Electrical was awarded the contract to replace the building electrical switchgear.
      1. Construction planned for July 2024

November 2023:

    1. Project currently in bidding. 
    2. Electrical switchgear replacement – July 2024.

October 2023: Project preparing to bid this fall.

September 2023: Project is preparing to bid fall of 2023 for installation of new electrical switchgear summer 2024.

August 2023: There are no current updates.

July 2023: There are no current updates.

June 2023: 

  1. Electrical Switchgear design complete.
  2. In process of preparing the project bid documents.
  3. Project scheduled to bid fall of 2023 for installation summer 2024.

May 2023: No updates

March 2023: Premier Electric – Awarded bid for switchgear equipment.

January 2023: Quotes were received for electrical switchgear and are under review.

Contact Us

Don Bielinski, Jr., Project Manager

Phone: 612-668-0700



Project Schedule*

Design Contract Approval: December 2022

Design: December 2022

Pre-Construction: TBD

Construction:  Summer 2024

General Contractor: TBD

Architect:  Hallberg Engineering

Completion: Summer 2024