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Lyndale Elementary School

Lyndale Elementary School is scheduled to undergo a renovation and expansion as outlined below. To received periodic updates on project milestones and other news please sign up to receive e-alerts.

312 W 34th St.

Scope of Work

  • Safe, secure and welcoming entrance- Completed 
  • HVAC upgrade throughout
  • All lighting (interior/exterior) will be converted to LED
  • Replacement of Public Address System (PA)
  • Replacement of Clock System
  • Replacement of Fire Alarm System


Project Updates

December 2023: 

  • Summer 2023 work complete & inspected.
  • Project in rest until final phase in Summer 2024.
  • No more updates until June 2024.

October 2023: 

  • FINISHED for Summer 2023.  PEND Final Summer 2024.  No more requests for updates until June 2024.

September 2023: 

  • Work complete Phase III Summer 2023.
  • Final Punchlist inspection to be held on 19Oct23
  • TAB & Commissioning occurring now.
  • Roof Drain work to occur Mid-October over MEA 18 – 20 October, 2023
  • Phase IV to be Summer 2024 – FINAL Phase.

August 2023: 

  • Designer:  Pope Architect  Contractor:  Master Mechanical
  • Abatement Completed as of today
  • Contractor – Master Mechanical has entire area (15 classrooms) to install VAV’s and other work in
  • Electrical Panel Replacements continuing throughout the rest of the building
  • Currently see no issues that should affect school opening

June 2023: 

  • Project in Pre-Construction Phase Summer 2023
  • Abatement/Contract work to be finished in Summer 2024
  • Master Mechanical is working in non-public areas over spring break and other non-school days. 
  • Master Mechanical is aware of both moves & abatement schedules.
  • Staff/Principal “in the loop” as far as school expectations & preparation for summer construction
  • Staff is coordinated with for move out/in activities Asbestos abatement

April 2023: Move out and abatement will occur initially.  Once abatement is complete, Master Mechanical will start in the abated  ½ of the area, while abatement completes the other.  Completion of Phase will be August 23.

October 2022: Project is currently on track and there are no updates to report at this time.

June 2022: Project is currently on track and there are no updates to report at this time.

May 2022: Project is currently on track and there are no updates to report at this time.

April 2022: Project postponed due to scheduling challenges and material procurement. We are currently exploring opportunities to get some strategic work completed as follows:

  • Electrical Switchgear replacements
  • Ductwork revisions in the gym
  • Clock & PA (Device Swaps)
  • Fire Alarm (Device Swaps)


February 8, 2022:

  • Currently coordinating Abatement Schedule with Master Mechanical’s
  • No work to occur until after school is out Mid-June and spaces moved out for Abatement
  • Weekly Progress Meetings:  TBD

January 4, 2022: Currently in Phase III MEP Upgrades Project

Contact Us

Jeff Helstrom, Project Manager

Phone: 612-668-0305



Project Schedule*

Multi-Phase Project

A. OP#2018:  Lyndale Safe, Secure & Welcoming Entrance and Monument Sign Project

Design Consultant: Pope Architects

Mechanical Prime Contractor:  Master Mechanical

Pre-Construction: Pre-Bid: February 20, 2020 at 3:30pm, in Multi-Purpose Room #108. Project Bid, March 5, 2020. Board of Education approval, April 14, 2020.

Construction: June/July 2022 (Depending on Abatement)

General Contractor: Master Mechanical

Substantial Completion: August 2020


B. OP#2019:  Lyndale HVAC, Lighting, Clock, PA, Fire Alarm System Project

  1. June 17th to August 20, 2021  Phase II
  2. June 17th to August 20, 2022 Phase III
  3. (Potentially) June 17th to August 20, 2023 Phase IV
  4. Lyndale HVAC Upgrades Project Phase III Summer 2023