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Pratt and Las Estrellas Dual Language Elementary School Ventilation Improvements

Pratt Elementary School and Las Estrellas Dual Language Elementary School  is scheduled to undergo an Increase Filtration and Ventilation Upgrade as outlined below.  To receive periodic updates on project milestones and other news, please sign up to receive e-alerts.

66 Malcolm Ave. SE

Scope of Work

Filtration & Ventilation Upgrade

Project Updates

December 2023: 

  • TAB in process
  • Commissioning in process
  • Punchlist verification over Holiday by Wold
  • Sheehy beginning Close out process

October 2023: 

Currently on track - no updates to report

September 2023: 

Las Estrellas & Pratt Ventilation Upgrades Project.,

  • Punchlist/TAB/Commissioning & Closeout.
  • All units installed and operating
  • SVL (Manufacturer) making factory needed repairs, so TAB & Commissioning can occur



  • All unit ventilators & Fan Coil Units installed and running.
  • SVL – Manufacturers Rep., needs to do some remedial work on damper linkages over the week of the 25th.  Once that is complete, Sheehy can complete Testing & Balancing.


  • Most Unit Ventilators, Fan Coil Units and new Air Handling Unit is installed and operational.
  • SVL – Manufacturers Rep., needs to do some remedial work on damper linkages over the week of the 25th.  Once that is complete, Sheehy can complete Testing & Balancing.
  • NAC – Sub to Sheehy, is addressing some electrical unforeseen conditions with undersized wiring that will push the project into early October before we have all the Unit Ventilators operational w/ cooling capable.  All unit ventilators provide air movement and will provide heat, once boilers are turned on.
  • Sheehy & Sub’s should be complete with everything come Mid-November.

August 2023: 

  • Designer:  Wold Architects   Contractor:  Sheehy Construction Company
  • Work Progressing fine at both sites
  • Louver work at both site completed
  • Vertical Unit Ventilators installed from Top down at both sites
    • 3rd floor complete at Las Estrellas
    • 2nd floor complete at Pratt
  • Xcel delayed 6 months for Transformer at Pratt
  • Xcel delayed 1 year for Transformer at Las Estrellas
    • Wold working with Xcel to figure out “what” we can operate in “cooling” mode at each site so there is partial cooling capability
  • Currently see no issue that should affect school opening at each site.

June 2023: 

  • Project In Pre-Construction phase
  • Sheehy is working on structural improvements at Pratt attic currently
  • Staff/Principal “in the loop” as far as school expectations & preparation for summer construction.
  • Staff is coordinated with for move outs/in activities and Asbestos abatement

April 2023: Going through pre-construction shops/submittals and pre-mob activities.

January 2023: Pre-Construction Conference scheduled for March 1st, 2023

Contact Us

Jeff Helstrom, Project Manager

Phone: 612-668-0305




Project Schedule*

Design Contract ApprovalCompleted


BidOct 4, 2022

Award: Pre Construction Contract: Nov 1, 2022

Award: Formal Construction Contract: Feb 23, 2023

Pre Construction: June 16, 2023 to Aug 18, 2023

General Contractor: Sheehy w/ Master Mechanical (Mechanical) & NAC (Electrical)

Design Consultant: Wold Architects

Completion: Substantial Aug 18, 2023 Final Oct 2023