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Community Data Portal

The Community Data Portal provides designated community partners with access to real-time student data such as demographics, attendance, and standardized test scores. 

Partners must obtain active parent/guardian consent using the MPS Release of Information form found on this page. If you are unsure what level Release of Information your organization requires, please refer to this list.

Register for Access

The Community Data Portal is within our student information system. All partner staff who need access must register for a new account. 

Log in to the Portal

Once you have received your login information, follow the steps below to access the portal:

1. Log in to Infinite Campus using your email address and password.
2. To add a new student to the portal, please complete the MPS Community Data Portal - Student ROI form.

  • Please allow up to 2 weeks for students to be added to the portal. You cannot receive access to information without signed parent/guardian consent.
  • Please include a valid MPS student ID on consent forms - reference our guide on where to find student IDs.

Parent/Guardian Release Information

Level 1: demographics, contact information, enrollment, attendance, and schedule
Release of Information Forms
Level 2: demographics, contact information, enrollment, attendance, schedule, grades, assessment, and academic summary
Release of Information Forms