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Student Engagement


All Minneapolis Public School students have access to youth-centered leadership opportunities and are actively engaged in their educational experience. 


  • Advocate for students to become equal partners in their education
  • Develop authentic and collaborative relationships between students and adults
  • Incorporate youth voice collection best practices at a systemic level to inform district decision making
  • Create equitable access to student leadership opportunities within individual schools and throughout the district 

We accomplish this by supporting student leadership via the CityWide Student Leadership Board and Student Representatives serving on the Board of Education as well as providing training for adults/district staff on authentic ways to institutionalize youth voice, providing Student Engagement co-curricular funding for school-based student-centered activities, and yearly districtwide events.


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Student Engagement Program Coordinators

Janae Streufert 

Jenny Delaney 

Student Leadership Contacts

CityWide Student Leadership Board 

Student Board Representatives


Districtwide Events

Student Engagement events are focused on community building between schools and serve to holistically support students’ educational experience by providing an opportunity for students to feel a sense of belonging through public acknowledgement of achievements outside of the classroom. Events are offered to students at all schools, centrally located, accessible (free, transportation and food provided when appropriate), and support MPS Strategic Plan Goals. They are subject to change based on student interest, funding, and alignment with district priorities.

2023-24 School Year Events

We are excited to continue in-person events for the 2023-24 school year. Please continue to visit the site for updates throughout the year. 

Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Student Leadership allows young people the first opportunity to explore life skills surrounded by supportive adults in real-life settings. When students learn relationship building, practice decision making, and are able to gain confidence and grow in safe environments, they develop ownership over their educational experience and are empowered to advocate for their individual needs. 

In order to amplify the importance of student leadership and use of youth voice in district decision making, Student Engagement supports school-based opportunities and strives to ensure students are involved in district decision making. It is important for adults to “relinquish power” in order to give youth opportunities to lead and grow. 

District Advisory Roles for Students

The CityWide Student Leadership Board and two Student Representatives who serve on the MPS School Board advise district leaders as they make key decisions regarding the educational experience in Minneapolis Public Schools.

School Based Student Leadership

Schools are encouraged to provide a variety of leadership opportunities to influence the school community. This might include groups like student councils, youth participatory evaluation teams, topic-specific groups (passions, identity), or school improvement plans or individual opportunities for students to be part of spaces typically held by adults. Check with your school for specific opportunities.

High School Youth Voice Network

Are you interested in sharing your voice with the district, but do not have time to commit to an ongoing experience? Throughout the year, district leaders are looking for youth voice on specific topics. In the past this has included the ESSER Fund selection committee, construction projects, EDIA committee, and topical listening sessions. Fill out the form below and we will share these opportunities as they arise. 

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Student Engagement Co-curricular Funding

These funds are allocated to schools to support student-centered and youth leadership opportunities. 

The following have been identified as some positive student leadership opportunities. Student Engagement asks sites to consider supporting the following opportunities first with these funds. 

  • Student Council or Youth Advisory Board
  • Student-led after school club or activity (can be overseen by Community Ed, ALC, or Beacons)
  • YPE (Youth Participatory Evaluation)
  • Affinity Groups 
  • Safety Patrol
  • Spelling Bee
  • Student Wellness Activities
  • New Student Programming (Student Ambassadors)

For information on how schools can access funding, reach out to Student Engagement staff.