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Honest Game

Honest Game is a comprehensive system to educate and empower our families to navigate the College Athletic Pathway like experts.

Planning the pathway to college sports can be intimidating. From navigating eligibility to acing the recruitment process, we've gathered eligibility requirements, expert insights, and helpful tips to empower you on your path to collegiate athletics.

ALL of our Minneapolis Public School student-athletes and their parents/guardians have access to an Honest Game account.

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NCAA eligibility center

Academic Eligibility - The Basics

This document will provide a basic overview of requirements for student-athletes who want to play Division 1 or 2 college athletics after high school.

High School Timeline for Collegebound Student-Athletes

9th Grade

Register with the NCAA Clearinghouse with a profile page. Earn strong grades in your core course areas. Talk to your school counselor to tell them about your plans.

10th Grade

Be sure to communicate with your school counselor and coach about your goals to play college athletics at a Division 1 or 2 level. Continue to challenge yourself academically and earn strong grades in your core courses.

11th Grade

Prepare for and take the ACT. Continue to work hard and excel in your courses. Create a certified account with the NCAA Clearinghouse. If you need a fee waiver to cover the cost of this account, talk to your school counselor. During the Spring of 11th grade, talk to your school counselor and ask them to upload a transcript.

12th Grade

Meet with your school counselor and finalize your 12th grade academic plan. Are you on track for NCAA elibiliby? Do you need to re-take the ACT or any coursework? Be sure that all the core courses you have taken are approved by the NCAA Clearinghouse.