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Itinerant Mental Health Providers

Itinerant Mental Health Providers are mental health therapists from vetted community agencies whom families have hired to do work with a student outside of school. 

MPS allows Itinerant Mental Health Providers to meet with students at school when the parent, school social worker, and itinerant provider deem that it is important to a student's education and wellbeing. 

Please note that this process is limited to licensed clinical mental health providers and does not include ABA/EIDBI agencies. 

We are not current accepting applications for Itinerant Mental Health Providers. We anticipating opening for applications in June 2024. 

Itinerant Mental Health Provider Process

  1. Mental health agency authorized signer must complete the itinerant mental health provider agency agreement
    This form is to be completed once per Agency and covers all Agency therapists. 
    Agency signer will receive a copy of the signed agreement via email once it is approved by MPS. 
    Approved agencies will be added to this list.
  2. Itinerant Provider must obtain signed parent/guardian consent to meet with student in school using the MPS itinerant mental health release of information and consent form (available in 4 languages).

Scheduling a meeting with a student

  • Itinerant provider must provide the following when requesting to meet with student in school:
    • Copy of the signed agency agreement
    • Copy of signed ROI/consent form as mentioned above. Please maintain a copy at your agency and share a copy with the social worker for school records.
    • Valid photo identification: State ID or agency ID/work badge
  • Itinerant mental health providers will follow each school’s process for requesting to meet with a student; meetings should take place at a time and frequency directed by school staff and should not significantly interfere with a student’s educational program.
  • Meetings are limited to one hour visits and one time per week.
  • Due to space limitations, timing, staffing limitations or other considerations, schools may not be able to accommodate agency staff's presence in buildings.
  • As a general practice, MPS schools are not able to accommodate telehealth/virtual sessions.